Shopify apps are a blessing to the merchants. There are hundreds and thousands of brilliant apps that can ease your workload. According to Shopify’s record of May 2020, there are around 4,200 apps in the Shopify App Store. And they claim 80% of merchants depend on these 3rd-party apps.

Without these apps, a Shopify store seems plain. To stand out from the crowd, to offer the best-of-the-best customer experience, more and more merchants are installing these apps. But this blessing becomes a curse for most store owners.

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To overcome such problems, we came up with a solution. Our developer team designed Xoot- 40+ apps in one. And now I’ll explain-

Why It’s a Brilliant Idea to Use 1 App Instead of Many.

1. You Can Pay Less Money for More Apps

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According to a recent analysis of ASoft, Shopify paid apps have an average price of $24.30. And we did our own analysis of the most popular app fees. From the ASoft study, we picked some of the popular apps that most merchants use.

  • Privy Email & Pop-Ups App- $13-30/ Month
  • Free Shipping Bar Hextom– $9.99 / Month
  • Sales Pop by  CartKit– $29-$129 / Month
  • BEST Currency Converter- $9.99/ Month

Even if a merchant chooses the starter premium plan, they spend around $60-80/Month! Introducing the savior Xoot that offers 40+ apps at a flat fee of $29.99/Month. Therefore, instead of starting out your business using 5-6 apps, you can save a minimum of 50% on the premium app cost. And if you are depending on even more apps, you can save more with Xoot!

2. No Slow-Show- Have a Fast Customer-friendly Store

After installing a few apps, your store might slow down. Many Shopify merchants face this hurdle. The more apps you install, the slower the site loads. But when you use 1 app instead of many, you can overcome this setback.

Xoot is designed by the smartest developers with the cleverest codes. Our app provides various brilliant functions yet contains shorter optimized codes. And that makes a huge difference.

No Slow-Show- Have a Fast Customer-friendly Store

When you install our app, you install codes of 1 app instead of 40 apps. And these codes are optimized to let your store run with faster speed no matter the situation. We use a Cloud platform to deliver a better speed to your customers all over the world.

When Xoot is installed, whenever a visitor loads the site, they can access it faster via their nearby server. On top of that, Xoot saves data on the visitor’s browser cache. Later on, they visit again, their browser will load the site with even better speed.

Thus Xoot is engineered to leave you with a faster, flawless store.

3. Apps Run Smoothly Without Clashing

Apps Run Smoothly Without Clashing

Multiple apps mean- apps may get into a fight with each other. When different apps operate in the same Shopify theme, they interfere a lot with each other’s performance. But using Xoot, you can eliminate the chances of app conflicts.

4. Save Time with Single Point of Support

When you use 5-6 apps, you have a lot to worry about. You might face problems and don’t know what to do. Many of the developers offer good customer support. And you need them badly when you have zero or minimal knowledge about codes and themes.

Save Time with Single Point of Support

So reaching out to several support teams, collaborating with them is not actually time-saving. But when you use 1 app in place of many, you can get help quickly. You will know there is one team that can solve all your app hurdles. And they can even help you customize your settings for better speed and functionality.

See how It’s a Brilliant Idea to Use 1 App Instead of Many?

Bottom Line

Xoot has a bundle of essential features that you can use to make your business thrive. It offers functions like Email collections, social proof, countdowns, discounts, and many more.

There are 40+ app functions to take down tons of hassles. Xoot is an easy way to convert thousands of customers. Our app will let you improve the customer experience.

Displaying social proof, connecting with your customers, creating urgency, and upselling is much easier with Xoot. One miracle app that never slows you down!