Nowadays, dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business model. And I’m going to tell you the truth. This hype is real. Starting a dropshipping business is much easier than an e-commerce startup. And the risk is much lower, almost zero!

So What is a Dropshipping Business?

In a dropshipping model, you can run an e-commerce store without having an actual inventory. A dropshipper can take orders from customers and ship them directly from the manufacturer or supplier inventory. The supplier will handle all the delivery and refund issues. There is no need to stock up on products. This model comes up with tons of advantages. If you have an internet connection and a computer, you can work as a dropshipper from anywhere. Besides, you can begin your e-commerce business with small capital. However, this model has a few downsides, like shipping delay, low-profit margin, and lack of personal touch. Yet it’s been becoming everyone’s favorite because it’s beginner-friendly and less-risky. I will share how you can build your dropshipping store in less than 30 minutes. The steps are easy, just follow and get the work done. Let’s cut to the chess-

1. Create Your Account at Shopify

When it comes to dropshipping, remember Shopify is the best choice you have in your hand. It’s a fantastic platform that offers tons of apps and features that will come in handy in your dropshipping business. Visit Shopify, Start 14-day Free Trial. First enter your email, set a password, and put the name of your business. Now click Create Your Store, and that’s it! Please try to select a business name that has an available domain of your choice. Usually, .com domains are the most trusted and popular. However, you can choose whatever domain you want. Before finalizing a business name, please check the availability of the domains here.

2. Add Your Online Store

Add Your Online Store Usually, Shopify adds your online store as a sales channel automatically. However, don’t forget to verify it. Go to Shopify Settings. You will find it at the bottom left side with a gear icon. Now add an Online Store as your sales channel if it’s not being added.

3. Add Products to Your Store

Add Products to Your Store Thanks to Oberlo, you can add products of your desired niche with less effort and time. Sign up for Oberlo and search among millions of products of varieties of categories. Find out product data such as customer reviews, order amounts, and pick your products based on their popularity. Sign up free with your email and set a new password. Make sure to watch their tutorials of importing products and adding product descriptions and tags right from Oberlo.

4. Customize Some Settings

Payment providers Find the option- Settings on the Shopify dashboard. Now a lot of options will appear before you. Select General & then Click Set up Payments. In this section, you can select your desired payment method to accept payments from customers. You can choose Shopify Payments, which actually lets you take various forms of cards. You can also add PayPal. Now you need to work on another setting called Checkout. You can customize the Checkout option for your shoppers. Checkout Such as they can Checkout from your shop with or without subscribing. You can also disable the subscribe option or make it mandatory for the customers. Now let’s dive into the most crucial section, which is adding a Free Shipping Rate. Most of the dropshipping and other e-commerce businesses promote their store with Free Shipping offers. Shipping and Delivery From Shopify Settings, select Shipping. Now you can select the areas where you want to offer Shipping. And you can now choose several shopping amounts on which you wish to provide Free Shipping to your customers.

5. Install Xoot

Xoot comes with 40+ apps that can turn your newborn store into a busy hub. It has apps that can make your store thrive in minutes. Well, you don’t need 40+ apps in one app. But whenever you need it, you can just turn on their features from Xoot. While starting out, make sure to use Xoot apps to display Free Shipping Bar, Trust badges on your store. You can also import Real Customer Reviews from Aliexpress and add them to product pages with just a few clicks. Xoot has several email collection systems. With drag and drop, you can place them on your site and collect your visitors’ emails in a legal and fun way. Turn on Facebook and WhatsApp chat options from Xoot. So that your shoppers can reach you and get support instantly. You can also turn on Currency Converter & Instant Search features from our app Xoot. There is no need to code; these apps are built to help Shopify merchants. It will take a few minutes to add such features to your brand-new store. But after that, your store will become loaded with stunning functionality.

6. Protect Your Content

Turn on Content Protection from Xoot so that your competitors cannot steal your pictures or descriptions from your site. Turn on Cookie Bar from Xoot. It’s an essential thing to do. Because it lets you be transparent by informing visitors that you are using cookies in your store. Now again, go back to Shopify Settings; select Legal. You will find sections like Refund, Privacy, Terms of Service, and Shipping. And you need to add written statements in those sections. Worry not; you can do so in minutes. Use this Free Generator- Terms Feed. Simply go to the Shopify App Store and install Terms and Conditions Checkbox to display checkboxes on your store.

7. Add an About Page

About XOXO COSMETICS An About Page gives your store a strong identity. Many shoppers visit About Page when they see a new store. A well-written About Page gives you extra credibility even if you are just starting out. Well, for now, you can only use a template to create your page. Or just use an About Page Generator.

8. Create a Logo & a Banner

Create a Logo & a Banner Shopify gives a default theme for every store. As a beginner, you can just skip adding a customized theme and design. However, you can easily create your logo here—no need to be a graphic designer. You can make the main banner with a dimension of 1200x360px on This site offers pretty good free templates, store photos, elements to use in designs. You customize your banner with text, color, elements, etc.

9. Create Main Menu & Footer

Find Navigation and then Select Main Menu to edit it. Now add the pages you want to display on the main menu. Create Main Menu & Footer Then add a new Menu from the Navigation and give the name of the menu- Footer Menu. You can add your desired pages here to display them in the footer.

Bottom Line

It’s the celebration time. You have created your first dropshipping storefront. Shopify lets you promote your products on various sales channels and direct visitors to your store. Remember, all you need to do is target the right customer and create good quality content to obtain sales. Xoot offers much more bonus apps. And works like magic when you combine them with your strategy. Now it’s time to start selling like crazy.